Bare Rover/Vaux/Toyota Frame

Bare Rover k series based subframe. Toyota/Vauxhall
Bare rover k series based SubframeBare rover k series based Subframe
Bare rover k series based SubframeStainless Vauxhall SubframeStainless Vauxhall Subframe
Manufacturer: Allspeed Engineering
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  • Bare rover k series based subframe, excellent foundation for customers wanting to mount there own k series with pg or r65 gearbox.


    Customer will need to fabricate there own engine mount brackets etc.

    Also popular for unusual engine applications where the gearbox is on the right looking from the front. Popular for Toyota applications such as 4aga etc.

    Also a great option for later suspended engine Vauxhall application.

    Bare subframe weight, undressed. 21kg approx.

    If considering a bare subframe option, please be sure you have access to the necessary skills to complete the subframe for your engine,gearbox application. ie. Design/ fabrication/welding/machining



    The subframe is designed for spherical jointed bottom arm and tie bars, the allspeed items are plug and play with the subframe, it may be possible to modify or adapt others to fit.

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